Ceres Imaging is an agriculture start-up performing aerial imaging of farms and crop fields to detect issues such as irrigation, pest control, and nutrient management. While working as a freelance designer for Ceres Imaging, I created an ad campaign to promote a new trial offer for potential customers to try their services. The campaign spans across web and print, with advertisements in agriculture magazines and as pop-up displays on websites. 
Other design work I have done for Ceres includes marketing brochures and emails, crop overview print-outs, and an imagery sample booklet to handout and mail to potential customers.
Variations of the Free Trial Flight graphic in the initial design phase.
Final Free Trial Flight design graphic as chosen by client.
Digital pop-up advertisements designed for web.
Accordion brochure highlighting the free trial flight campaign and its benefit to customers.
Postcard mailers for potential customers.
Brochure and leaflet designs highlighting Ceres services for grapes.
Imagery Sample Booklet highlighting Ceres products and services.
Other display ads created for Ceres for various digital campaigns.
Adobe Creative Suite // Sketch // Figma
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