As a Communications Designer at Wish, I was responsible for merchant-facing design assets aimed at recruiting and educating vendors selling on the Wish platform. Designs included animated GIFs, conference collateral, app and email graphics, educational one-pagers, and Merchant Blog banners. Due to the global platform of e-commerce vendors on the app, I worked with translators to localize and reformat designs into 15 different languages.
Animated holiday card that I illustrated for use on email and social media.
Illustrated banners for weekly posts on the Wish Merchant blog.
Banner advertisements illustrated for use on the Wish app and website.
I created variety of collateral for brand representatives attending conferences in hope of recruiting vendors for the Wish platform. A standout project I worked on was for the 2021 InterCHARM K-Beauty Trade Show in Seoul, South Korea. Here you can see the graphics I created for the booth design and a mockup of how it was displayed at the event.
Seasonal posts illustrated for use on email and social media.
Various one-pagers created for Wish Merchant recruitment and education.
Figma // Adobe Creative Suite
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